Signs You Should Become a Truck Driver

Are you considering changing careers? You benefit from becoming a truck driver. You can earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and get started in as little as four weeks and truckers are in high demand.

Here are some signs you should become a trucker:

1. You Love the Freedom of the Open Road

Long-haul truckers spend most of their days behind the wheel, driving to new destinations and seeing the country from the cab of their semi-trucks. These drivers wake up somewhere new each day. If you love traveling and enjoy driving, trucking could be a great career for you.

2. You Are An Independent Person

Unless you’re part of a trucking team, you’ll likely spend most of your day by yourself as an OTR driver. You’ll still need to communicate with others, but you’ll have control over your day-to-day schedule. When you’re driving solo, you can decide where to stop, what music to listen to, and how to set up your cab. With trucking, there’s no boss constantly looking over your shoulder.

3. You Are Highly Motivated

OTR truckers are typically paid per mile. You will need to follow requirements for driving time and be sure you drive safely at all times. That being said, you’ll find that your actions play a large role in how many miles you are able to drive and, by extension, how much you earn. Motivated drivers who commit to learning the tricks of the trade are able to get more miles and earn more. If you’re the sort of person who constantly strives to improve themselves, this can be a great reason to consider trucking.

4. You Are Looking For Job Security

The trucking industry offers excellent job security. There is an ongoing truck driver shortage and this means that qualified drivers are in high demand. As you gain more experience, you become an even more valuable asset. Motor carriers are consistently hiring new and experienced drivers and there are many available truck driving jobs.

5. You Are Interested in Quick Training

Many industries require extensive training before you can get started, such as a four-year degree. However, not everyone wants to be in school for that long. If you’re interested in getting started as soon as possible, trucking is a great choice. Earning your CDL can take as little as four weeks.

Start Your Career with Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Truckers can make over $69,480 per year* and many companies offer competitive benefits as well. If you’re ready to take the first steps on the road to an exciting new career in the trucking industry, Phoenix Truck Driving Institute can help. We offer high-quality CDL training in as little as four weeks and have job placement assistance to help you find employment as soon as possible. In fact, many of our students have offers lined up before graduation.

To learn more about becoming a truck driver, contact us today.

*Professional truck drivers earn a mean annual wage of $47,130. The top 10% of truck drivers make more than $69,480 per year according to 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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