5 Tips for Semi-Truck Backing

Learning to drive a semi-truck can be a daunting task. Among the different driving skills new truckers need to learn, backing is often the one that causes the most anxiety. If you’re worried about semi-truck backing, you definitely aren’t alone. This skill takes time to develop, but with consistent effort, it’s possible to learn how … Continue reading “5 Tips for Semi-Truck Backing”

What to Know About ELDs

The trucking industry is subject to a variety of regulations that are intended to help protect truckers and others on the road. Your commercial driver’s license (CDL) training will cover topics related to these regulations and you’ll be expected to know and follow them during your career. One such requirement is the cap on hours … Continue reading “What to Know About ELDs”

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

In 2019, the most recent year for which data is available, 3,142 people were killed in traffic accidents where distracted driving was a factor. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which also estimates that 18% of injury-causing crashes involve distracted driving. All drivers have a responsibility to avoid distractions, but … Continue reading “The Dangers of Distracted Driving”

The Importance of Truckers

Do you want a career where you are making a positive difference, and getting paid well to do it? Trucking could be a great option for you. Truck drivers are absolutely essential to our nation’s economy and due to high demand, long-haul drivers can make more than $69,480 per year*. More information about the importance … Continue reading “The Importance of Truckers”

All About the New Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements

Entry-level drivers must meet certain requirements in order to earn their Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) for the first time, upgrade from a Class B to a Class A license, or earn some endorsements for the first time. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) just updated their entry-level driver training, also known as … Continue reading “All About the New Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements”

Key Trucking Safety Tips

Becoming a truck driver gives you the opportunity to earn competitive pay and see more of the country. However, operating such a large vehicle also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Safety should be your top priority at all times and it’s important to understand the key aspects of trucking safety before you even … Continue reading “Key Trucking Safety Tips”

Local, Regional, or OTR Trucking?

There are a variety of jobs available to you after earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you chose to drive a semi-truck, there are three broad categories based on route length: local, regional, and over-the-road (OTR) trucking. Understanding a bit about these types of trucking can help you decide which is best for your … Continue reading “Local, Regional, or OTR Trucking?”

Types of Specialized Trucking Jobs

Truckers keep our nation’s economy moving. Semi-trucks transport over 70% of our country’s freight. In many cases, goods and materials are hauled in dry vans, which are what many people think of when they think of a semi-truck. For food and medication, refrigerated trucks (reefers) are also common. In addition to these more well-known types … Continue reading “Types of Specialized Trucking Jobs”