Tips For Trucking With A Family

Truck driving is an excellent career that provides competitive pay and benefits. This industry attracts a wide range of individuals, including many who have families or are hoping to start one soon. While there are some unique considerations truckers with families need to keep in mind, it is definitely possible to be successful as a … Continue reading “Tips For Trucking With A Family”

Chemical Tanker vs Food-Grade Tanker

There are many different types of specialized truck driving jobs available once you earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and have some experience under your belt. Some of these, like tanker truck driving, require additional CDL endorsements. Because of the skills and extra certifications for these specialized types of driving, they often pay more. If … Continue reading “Chemical Tanker vs Food-Grade Tanker”

Understanding Intrastate Trucking

When most people think of trucking, they imagine long-haul routes that travel across multiple states and even coast-to-coast. This is known as over-the-road (OTR) trucking and while it is one of the most common starting points for new drivers, it is not the only type of driving job available. Intrastate trucking, which includes routes only … Continue reading “Understanding Intrastate Trucking”

Must-Have Trucking Supplies

Whether you’re new to the trucking industry or a seasoned truck driver, you will spend a lot of time in your cab during long routes. There are many essential items to keep stocked in your vehicle to make it feel more like home. Having the right trucking supplies can also increase your overall comfort while … Continue reading “Must-Have Trucking Supplies”

The Value of Trucking Endorsements

If you are interested in new trucking job opportunities or a way to increase your income, consider adding one or more trucking endorsements to your commercial driver’s license (CDL). These certifications are beneficial and go a long way in the industry. Learning more about the available endorsements and their value will help you better expand … Continue reading “The Value of Trucking Endorsements”

Types of Trucking Trailers

Trucking is the preferred method of shipping for most goods, accounting for over 70% of all the freight transported in the United States. There is a wide variety of semi-truck trailers available, each suited for a different kind of cargo. Finding the right trailer for your job will make all the difference in facilitating the … Continue reading “Types of Trucking Trailers”

Trucker Budgeting Tips

Managing your money and time are two of the key aspects of being a successful truck driver. Living on the road introduces unique budgeting challenges for truckers, especially when it comes to meal planning. With a bit of effort, however, it is possible to create and follow a budget to save your hard-earned money.   … Continue reading “Trucker Budgeting Tips”