Grievance Policy


The school recommends that the involved parties meet together and discuss the problem to resolve the grievance. The school strives to remedy complaints or disputes as quickly as possible.

Students seeking to resolve problems or complaints should first contact their instructor (if appropriate) or applicable staff member and try to resolve it. If the problem cannot be adequately resolved, the student is encouraged to meet with the School Director, however, if the problem still cannot be resolved, then the student should put the complaint in writing and give to the School Director or designee. A written response will be given to the student within seven business days.

The Schools policy against discrimination and/or sexual harassment is given out during the admissions process. All complaints involving discrimination or sexual harassment must be in writing and given to Human Resources. The student should meet with Human Resources, who will conduct a careful and thorough investigation of the alleged infraction.

If a student is accused of wrongdoing, the School Director and or Human Resources (management) shall conduct a careful and thorough investigation of the alleged infraction. To provide procedural fairness and due process for an accused student, the administration will:

  1. Inform the student of the allegations
  2. Provide the student with an opportunity to refute the allegations
  3. Once the investigation is completed, management must examine the evidence in order to determine whether a preponderance of the evidence indicates that a violation of this policy has in fact occurred.  Preponderance of the evidence exists when, after considering all relevant evidence, management concludes that is more likely than not that the charge against the alleged offender is true
  4. If management finds that a violation has occurred, appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action must be initiated.  Management will inform the complaining person and the accused person of the results of the investigation and what actions it will take to ensure that the violation will cease and that no retaliation will occur
  5. If the allegation is not found to be credible, the person with the complaint and the accused person shall be so informed, with appropriate instruction provided to each person
  6. Any party dissatisfied with the results of the investigation or the action taken as a result of that investigation may submit the matter for review.  The School President will conduct the review

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