Different Types of

CDL Jobs

Earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is the first step toward a rewarding career. There are many different types of CDL jobs that you can consider. The pay scale, home time, and work involved vary, so you can pick the job that is best suited to your desired lifestyle and salary expectations. 

Some CDL jobs include: 

Truck Driving Jobs

When people think of jobs you can get with a CDL, they will most often think of trucking jobs first. These drivers transport goods and materials locally or cross-country. 68% of all consumer goods are transported by semi-trucks. This means that truck drivers are in high demand and many trucking companies are eager to hire new CDL drivers. Within the broad category of truck driving jobs, there are many options for different types of careers.


Types of truck driver jobs based on location:


Over-the-road (OTR) trucking is an umbrella term for jobs that require truck drivers to travel long distances. These routes are essential for interstate commerce and the need for experienced OTR drivers is growing. Although these drivers spend more time away from home, the pay is usually higher than local CDL jobs. 

Local or Regional Trucking

If you prefer to stay close to home, you may be interested in a local or regional driving route. This type of driving involves transporting goods within your city or state (local) or within a radius of a few states (regional). 


Different types of freight:

Dry Vans

This is a common choice for truckers just beginning their careers. A dry van is a tractor-trailer that is used to haul dry and easy-to-transport goods and materials. 


Refrigerated trucks, also called reefers, transport freight that must be kept at a low temperature. These jobs often pay more than dry van hauling as they require the extra responsibility of keeping the goods at a regulated temperature. 


Tankers are vehicles that transport liquids, dry bulk, or gaseous loads. Since safety is a larger concern for these types of trucks, you must have a tanker endorsement with your CDL. This type of job may also require a hazmat endorsement depending on the type of material in the tanker. 

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks do not have a traditional trailer and instead will require you to secure materials by tying them down. Those who drive these trucks can make more due to the additional skill it takes to properly secure freight.

CDL Jobs Besides Trucking

Although truck driving jobs are among the most common, there are many other types of CDL jobs. 


These include:

Highway Maintenance Technician

These individuals complete highway construction and repair projects which may require large vehicles such as dump trucks, concrete mixers, or paint trucks. 


Dispatchers communicate with truck drivers using a radio, track commercial vehicles, and act as the liaison between trucking companies and their drivers. This job is most commonly performed by those who have worked as CDL drivers in the past. 

Tractor-Trailer Technician

Although you do not usually need a CDL to service and repair semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, having your license can make you a more attractive candidate for this position. Knowing what the drivers deal with can help when repairing a vehicle. 


Interested in CDL Jobs?

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