January 23rd, 2017 | Truck Driving

Think of a CB radio and you think of the trucking movies of the past.

Here’s a video of the “Top 10 Trucking Movies of All-Time” that will bring back memories to some and for you younger folks, you’ll have to rent them to see for some trucking fun.

But in this day of cell phones, satellite radio, wifi and GPS, the main reasons for listening to CBs are no longer there. You use your cell phone talk to your family and friends. Dispatch sends you addresses and directions over satellite. You check the weather before you leave on wifi. And anyone can track you with the GPS.Modern truck cab with CB

However, think of this, unless you know someone’s cell phone number, you can’t call them. With the CB, you can communicate with other drivers on the road. One of the main uses of CBs back in the day was when one driver spotted a “Smokey” (that’s a cop or speed trap). Also, a trucker behind you could tell you when there was something wrong with your rig that you might not be aware of. Of course, with today’s software-equipped trucks, you’d be notified it there was trouble.

Listening to a CB can also be very entertaining and exciting sometimes too. Every once in a while, you’ll hear a story that piques your interest, or some fascinating facts about something you’ve always wondered about. You’ll learn new things and meet some real characters. Once in a while, someone will sing a song and actually blow you away with their talent. A comedian will crack you up with something funny, when you least expect it. You’ll smile at times, and even laugh out loud once in a while. You’ll wile away the hours in a good conversation, or just listening to one. ~Big City Driver


If what you hear over the CB is boring and/or the weather and the road are clear, shut it off.

Life as a trucker can be an adventure. You get to travel, meet people and contribute to the American economy.

Getting your CDL license couldn’t be easier! You could be driving in 4 weeks in a job making $40,000+!

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