Since its development in the early 20th century, the trucking industry has played an important role in the transportation of goods throughout the United States. Today, truck drivers and delivery drivers are among the largest population of employed individuals in the nation, highlighting not only the success of the trucking industry, but the continual need for more drivers. This need has arisen for many reasons, including changes in goods consumption and manufacturing strategies.

Improved Economy

The trucking industry provides transportation for both raw materials and consumer goods. When the demand for these items grows, so too does the demand for additional transportation. As the American economy has continued to improve, the demand for goods and materials has continued to rise, calling for more truck drivers to deliver these items to manufacturers and consumers alike.


Many areas of American development and manufacturing have become highly specialized. Because of this specialization, certain goods are produced only in particular areas of the country. Thus, truck drivers are needed to transport these goods elsewhere, either as parts for additional manufacturing processes or as consumer goods that must reach stores nationwide.

Hours of Service Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is constantly assessing truckers’ hours of service regulations to make the roads a safer place. Recent changes in hours of service regulations have limited the number of hours a truck driver can work before rest is required, helping to prevent accidents caused by drowsy driving. However, by limiting the number of hours a single trucker can work, these new regulations have increased the need for additional truck drivers to maintain or improve current trucking quotas.

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