July 27th, 2018 | Truck Driving Tips

With the rising cost of education and near constant news stories about the weight of student loan debt, more and more people are wondering if college is really the right answer. Instead of it being a foregone conclusion that going to college is the guaranteed pathway to earning a reliable living, many people are finding that graduating college is not a surefire way to build a career. For many people, learning a trade is a more appealing and viable solution. For example, training to be a truck driver means that you will enter an industry with job opportunities with the skills you need to start earning right away. Could trade school be the answer for you? Here is a look at some of the advantages of trade school over college.


College is an enormous financial burden, and it is only getting more expensive. In the US, the average college degree costs over $100,000, and most students have to use loans to pay for their tuition. It can take decades to pay off these loans. Trade school is much less expensive, and many students are able to complete their students with little, if any, debt hanging over them as they start their careers.


A college degree requires four years to complete, and most students end up taking five or more years to complete their educations. Trade school programs can be finished much more quickly. Truck driving school can be completed in a number of weeks. That means that you can start your career—and start earning—years before a college student even begins job hunting.

Completion Rates

College is not a fit for everyone. Approximately 40% of students drop out of college before finishing. That means these students leave school with debt and without a degree. By following your gut and going to trade school when you’re not sure college is right for you, you can avoid this expensive detour.


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