July 30th, 2016 | Truck Driving

After you graduate from a CDL school in Phoenix, you will be ready to start looking for your very first truck driving job. With job placement assistance from your truck driving school, you will be able to find a trucking job that is perfectly suited to your interests and lifestyle. From local dry hauling to long hauls with a reefer truck, you will find that the trucking industry offers a variety of thrilling jobs. Let’s take a look at three trucking jobs that you may want keep in mind for your future career.

Pulling a Dry Van

When you first start out as a commercial truck driver, your first job may be pulling a dry van. Dry vans are used to transport goods and materials that are not perishable. Dry van pulling can be locally based, or can take you on long haul journeys. Typically, dry van pulling is the most common position for brand new truck drivers.

Hauling Refrigerated Freight

After you have a bit of experience in the trucking industry, you may be qualified to start hauling refrigerated freight. Unlike pulling a dry van, which does not include the transportation of sensitive materials, refrigerated freight must be kept cold at all times. Since refrigerated freight is perishable, this type of trucking requires extra responsibility and care.

Hauling Oversized Loads

Hauling an oversized load requires confidence behind the wheel. When you are responsible for hauling an oversized load, you will need to make sure that your freight is properly loaded and balanced. Some types of oversized loads that can be towed by a truck include heavy equipment, machinery, and even full sized manufactured homes.  
At Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, we will be thrilled to tell you more about the CDL jobs that will be available to you after you graduate. After you complete one of our truck driving courses in Phoenix, you will be ready for your first truck driving position. For more information about the benefits of attending our school, give us a call at (877) 295-5372.