Once you’re officially qualified to be a truck driver, there’s just one step left to take before you can start your new career—finding a job! Having a pre-hire letter in your hand before you graduate from your truck driving program can make that process a lot simpler. Here’s what you need to know about pre-hire letters and how important they are.


What are pre-hire letters?
A pre-hire letter is simply a written statement from a trucking company that verifies that you meet the minimum qualifications to work for them as a truck driver. They also state that you can attend new driver orientation there once you have your commercial driver’s license (CDL) in hand.


Does a pre-hire letter guarantee that you’ll get a job?

No, a pre-hire letter is not the same as an actual contract with a trucking company, and it does not oblige anyone to hire you. It simply means that you will be considered as a candidate for employment at that company. Because of this, it’s smart to apply for as many pre-hire letters from different trucking companies as possible.


How do you get a pre-hire letter?

In order to obtain a pre-hire letter from a trucking company, you will need to formally apply for one. You will need to submit some information about yourself, which may include your employment history and your driving record.


Do I need my CDL in order to get a pre-hire letter?
No, you can apply for a pre-hire letter even before you have received your CDL. You will need your CDL in order to actually work at any trucking company, of course.

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