December 1st, 2016 | Truck Driving Safety

Winter Weather in ArizonaWinter weather is here and when you’re out on the road, conditions could change in an instant. In the Phoenix Valley, we rarely get icy road conditions, so if you drive locally, you shouldn’t encounter any bad roads. However, if you drive regionally or nationally, you will run into snowy and icy roads. Add wind and other drivers on the highway and you have to be extra cautious.

This video from “Pure Rock Radio” gives some tips on driving in winter weather:

There’s no rush in winter weather

It’s 7 degrees, with 50 mph winds the temperature of the road could be -20 to -30 degrees. Even with sand and salt, the roads are “super slick”.

Nothing is worse than wrecking your truck. Take your time. Don’t hit your breaks a lot.

Visibility is short. Sometimes you have 3-4 seconds to see a passing semi or a vehicle parked on the side.

Don’t be a cowboy!

If you’re new to truck driving or you’re unsure about driving in the snow, contact your instructor or keep in touch with other, more experienced truck drivers. It’s just a matter of getting enough experience, being prepared and checking the weather in advance.

Another truck driver suggests that if it’s snowing and you have your wipers on and the heater directed at full blast on your windshield to keep it from freezing, crack open your window so you don’t bake.

In conclusion, it might be raining in Phoenix, but you can be sure as you head north you’ll run into winter road conditions. And keep in mind that you’re also dealing with hills and curves so be extra cautious.

At Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, we provide proper hands-on training and prepare you for mostly anything you may encounter out on the road.

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