July 28th, 2016 | Truck Driving

Qualified truck drivers are in high demand with trucking companies around the United States. If you are seeking a new career that offers fantastic benefits and pay, you may want to contact a truck driving school in Phoenix. With the help of the instructors at your CDL school, you will be ready to get your Commercial Drivers License and take advantage of the booming truck driver job market. Here is a look at what new drivers need to know about the national truck driver shortage.

Many Experienced Truckers Are Retiring

One of the top reasons why the trucking industry is experiencing a driver shortage is that many of the most experienced drivers in the industry are deciding to retire. After many years on the road, many seasoned truck drivers look forward to spending time with family and friends during retirement. Once a driver reaches retirement age, he or she will be eligible to take advantage of retirement packages and other benefits. Since many of the best truckers in the industry are reaching the age of retirement, truck driving companies across the country are scrambling to fill these newly open positions and offering competitive salaries to stay fully-staffed.

Trucking and Transport Are On the Rise

In today’s global economy, trucking and transport are essential for virtually any business. From transporting food to moving parts and equipment around the country, there are many different uses for trucking companies across the country. With the boom in demand for trucking services, many trucking companies are finding that they need to expand their fleets with qualified truck drivers. With a CDL and certificate from a truck driving school, you will be ready to start working as a commercial truck driver.
For answers to your questions about the benefits of becoming a truck driver, be sure to contact Phoenix Truck Driving Institute. Our nationally recognized driver training program will help you get ready for the quality truck driving job of your dreams. To learn more about the different courses that are offered at our Phoenix campus, give us a call at (877) 295-5372.