January 7th, 2017 | Truck Driving

What you need to know about The Trucking LifeSo you’re thinking of becoming a truck driver. Here are some videos of real-life truckers telling about the Trucking Life.

In this first video, trucker, Thomas Hibbs, tells about his experience in the trucking life.


In this video, J Canell, gives his “No BS” opinion on the Trucking Life…

“If you’ve not traveled much in your life, everything you know is about to change.”

  • This is not a 9 to 5 job.
  • This is a trade and it’s a lifestyle.
  • You have to learn
  • You have to problem-solve
  • You are the captain of your ship
  • 14-hour days with 3-hour breaks
  • You’ll see the country at 60 miles an hour
  • You can make good money in this industry if you’re willing to work
  • Normalcy will go out the window


“I love this job! … You have to be a little crazy to love this job!”

“It ain’t rocket science, but you better know what you’re doing…..”


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