June 23rd, 2017 | Truck Driving Careers

If you are starting to grow tired of working a job that offers hourly wages and no benefits, you may want to begin looking around for a career opportunity that will allow you to invest in your future. After you have completed your coursework at a truck driving school and passed your CDL exam, you will be ready to get hired for a career-based position in the trucking industry. Read on for an overview of how trucking can help you transition from having a job to working in a thriving career.

Terrific Salary

One of the top benefits of a truck driving career is that you will start earning a great salary, right when you get your first driving position. Trucking companies often offer competitive starting salaries that begin in the $40,000 range. With a comfortable salary, you will benefit from the financial security that comes from having a great career.

Full Benefits

As a professional truck driver, you can also expect to receive full benefits through your trucking company. Career truck drivers usually receive full medial and dental insurance for themselves and their immediate family members. Your health benefits will improve the overall wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.

Paid Vacations

A terrific advantage of moving from a job to a truck driving career is that you can expect paid vacations as a part of your career package. If you have always dreamed of taking time off so that you and your family members can head off on a fun-filled holiday, you may want to start studying for your trucking career.

To learn more about the fantastic benefits of graduating from CDL school and starting a trucking career, call Phoenix Truck Driving Institute at (877) 295-5372. Our fully accredited truck driving school in Phoenix will provide you with the skills and information that you will need to become a successful, career truck driver. When you graduate from our school, we can also provide you with career placement services.