December 28th, 2018 | On The Road, Truck Driving

A typical truck stop has everything you need for life on the road. You’ll find fuel pumps, dining options, a convenience store, and showers. But some truck stops exceed expectations with incredible amenities like movie theaters and fitness centers. When you graduate from CDL school and land a job with a carrier, you can look forward to checking out the following truck stops.

Iowa 80

Iowa 80 bills itself as the “World’s Largest Truck Stop.” You’ll find it on the eastern edge of Iowa, off I-80 at exit 284. It’s more like an airport (minus the planes) or a small town than a truck stop. It features everything an OTR trucker could want, including a barber shop, chiropractic office, driver’s lounge, library, and laundry facility. It even has a dental clinic, movie theater, and fitness center! You’ll also find an extensive assortment of eateries, including the popular Iowa 80 Kitchen, luxurious private showers, and truck service center with ASE-certified mechanics.

South of the Border

South of the Border isn’t actually located south of the border. You’ll find it in Dillon, South Carolina. Choose from six different restaurants, including a steakhouse. Stop by the gift shops to pick up some souvenirs for the kids back home. Before you hit the road again, stop by the Reptile Lagoon. It’s the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the U.S., featuring everything from crocodiles to turtles to snakes. Say hello to Daisy, the 22-foot long albino Burmese python!

Little America

Little America is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. It’s actually a high-end hotel and convention center that also features a 24-hour travel center for truckers. After you fuel up, head for the private showers, driver lounge, or Little America Grill. The travel center also features a 24-hour convenience store with semi-truck products, books, grocery items, and personal care items.

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