June 22nd, 2016 | Truck Driving

After you attend truck driving school and receive your CDL, you will be ready to get hired on your first trucking assignment. As you gain more experience as a commercial trucker, you will have the opportunity to see highways across the United States. As a part of the Highway Beautification Act, some truck drivers are taking it upon themselves to help reduce litter on America’s roadways. Let’s take a look at some litter reduction initiatives that are being carried out by commercial truck drivers.

The Highway Beautification Act

Last year, the Highway Beautification Act celebrated its 50th anniversary. First popularized by Lady Bird Johnson, the Highway Beautification Act was designed to help boost the health and beauty of natural environments that are located next to America’s highways. As a part of the act, Lady Bird Johnson oversaw the planting of trees, flowers, and other foliage along our roadways.

Reducing Roadside Litter Today

In order to help our highways remain looking beautiful, the Highway Beautification Act, along with Keep America Beautiful, is working to help reduce roadside litter. Commercial truck drivers are among the most important parts of this campaign. With the help of commercial truckers and other dedicated individuals, waste along our roadways has been dramatically reduced.

Roadside Littering Hotline

One way that truck drivers are able to help reduce roadside litter is by contacting a national roadside littering hotline. In the event that a person is seen dumping trash on the side of the road, any person can call the hotline to file an anonymous report. This hotline has increased the accountability of roadside littering offenders.

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