August 31st, 2015 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Tires are an integral but oft-overlooked component of your truck. Keeping your tires in good shape will not only improve your gas mileage, but prevent the hazards associated with blown or lost tires while on the road as well. As part of your trucker training, you’ll learn how to perform a complete CDL pre-trip inspection of your truck to ensure every component is in good working order, including your tires.

Check Pressure Often

Driving for long periods of time in changing weather conditions and on potentially poor roads can take its toll on your tires. The best way to stay on top of your tires’ condition is to check their pressure often. Before you take your truck onto the road, it’s important to know the pressure of each tire and how it compares to the tire’s ideal pressure. Keep an accurate tire pressure gauge in your cab to ensure your tires are checked with the same tool each time; you may want to keep a log of your tire pressures in a notebook or on a smart device to help you catch deviations that need attention.

Check Your Spares

Spare tires need to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure they will perform properly when needed. Make sure to check your spare tires regularly by measuring their pressure and inspecting the tire itself to make sure it is still in good shape. You should also know how far a spare tire can be driven on before it needs replacement, and have a certified mechanic check any used spare to determine whether it can be reused or should be replaced once your new tire has been mounted.

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