November 25th, 2014 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Mobile device use is at its highest point ever—and usage is only expected to increase. This increased usage is reflected in the modern trucking industry, where more than 50% of truckers use their smartphones or tablets as part of their everyday job. Whether you plan to use your mobile phone to improve your efficiency as a truck driver or would like to find apps to help you stay healthy and connected with family and friends on the job, check out the list below for some of the top apps for truckers today.

Co-Pilot Live Truck

GPS technology has helped to improve trucking efficiency in many ways, offering truckers safer and faster routes. Co-Pilot Live Truck will calculate your ideal route based upon the size of your truck, its weight, and your cargo. The app can store routes and map information for offline use and offers voice-guided navigation so you can keep your eyes on the road for safer travels.


Whether you work for a trucking company or are an owner/operator, saving money on fuel is a great advantage. The GasBuddy app uses your device’s networking capabilities to provide up-to-date information about gas prices in your location so you can find the best deals. You can also view gas station features to help you find a stopping point that suits your needs at any time.

FleetSafer Mobile

Although the ability communicate with anyone from anywhere is a great advantage in today’s trucking industry, using your phone to call or text while driving can be a distraction. You can avoid distracted driving with the help of the FleetSafer Mobile app, which will block emails or texts while you are driving and deliver an automated response to let others know you are working.

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