If you’ve been considering a change in careers, transitioning from the military, or unemployed, a new career as a truck driver may be in your future!

10 Reasons to become a truck driver

Here are a few reasons to become a Truck Driver:

  1. Trucking Supports the U.S. Economy: As the saying goes, “If you bought it, a truck brought it!” Whether it’s food, furniture, cars, computers, lumber, you name it, a truck probably delivered either the raw materials to the factory and/or the finished product to the retailer. Commercial trucks account for the delivery of over 80% of goods shipped to retailers across the country. (See our “Thank a Trucker” article)
  2. Job Security: There are more trucking jobs than there are truckers. Transportation companies are looking for reliable, responsible, safe drivers.
  3. Great Pay: Earn over $40,000 the first year. With more experience, your pay increases. On top of that, you have the standard benefits that may include a 401(k), health and dental insurance, paid vacation, holiday pay and more! Plus, many transportation companies have sign-on bonuses!
  4. Independence: How does not having a boss micro-managing you sound? Instead, you’ll have a team supporting you via phone or on-board dispatch.
  5. Sense of Pride: The American economy depends on truckers providing a huge service to your country. That’s something to be proud of!
  6. Entrepreneurship: You have the opportunity to become an Owner Operator owning your own truck(s). You become your own boss and a small business owner. Owner Operators can earn substantially higher revenue from each delivery. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, being an Owner Operator is the way to go!
  7. Cost: Truck driving school is a less expensive and a less time-consuming alternative to college. Our program last 4 weeks. There is financial aid available and there are ways to get federal grant monies to pay for your CDL training. If you do get a loan, many companies offer tuition reimbursement!
  8. Travel and the Open Road: As one of our graduates said when asked what he loves most about driving a truck,

    “The travel! I get to see different states and cities and see parts of the country people have never even heard of.”

  9. Options: There are a variety of driving options. There are local delivery jobs, regional and of course, cross country “over-the-road” (OTR) jobs. You can drive solo or with a partner. Be a company driver or an Owner Operator. The choice is yours!
  10. Advancement Opportunities:
    • trucking company executives
    • driver managers
    • commercial driving instructors
    • recruiters
    • logistics management
    • the opportunities are endless!

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