October 25th, 2014 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Drowsy driving and distracted driving can both create hazardous conditions and increase your risk of an accident. As a truck driver, it’s essential that you remain alert, aware, and ready to react at all times while on the road. Knowing how to keep yourself alert while on the job will improve your safety, as well as the safety of those sharing the road with your truck.

Take Naps

Studies have shown that taking a nap, even for ten to twenty minutes, is much more effective in maintaining alertness and reaction time than caffeine or sugar. Rather than pulling off and grabbing a cup of coffee or a can of your favorite energy drink, pull over and get twenty minutes of shut-eye. You’ll feel much more recharged when you hit the road again and you won’t experience a “crash” later on.

Eat Regular Meals

Sometimes your body will protest an empty stomach by making you feel drowsy. Eating regular, healthy meals will help to keep your body and mind energized throughout the day, which will cut down on fatigue and distraction. Keep fresh foods such as apples, carrots, whole-wheat crackers, and yogurt on hand for small, effective snacks that will maintain your blood sugar levels and your alertness.

Listen to Upbeat Music

Music can have a significant effect on mood; listening to bright, upbeat music will help your mind to feel more alert and keep mood more positive. Turning the volume up can also help you to stay awake, but make sure you can still hear sirens or other alerts above your music. Singing along with your music is a great interactive activity that requires thought and can also keep you from becoming drowsy.

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