As a truck driver, you will experience all types of road and weather conditions. Your safety and the safety of others will depend on your skill in handling weather conditions that make driving difficult. Knowing how to prepare yourself and your truck for potential bad weather and understanding how weather will change your control over your vehicle can help you avoid problems on the road.

Be Prepared for Anything

Create a weather preparedness kit that includes items you’ll need when facing any type of weather. This kit should include extra clothing, gloves and a hat, a flashlight (keep the batteries separate to avoid draining them), nonperishable food and water, and a blanket. In addition, you should keep an ice scraper, jumper cables, traction mats or tire chains, and road flares in your cab at all times. Take an inventory of your kit periodically and replace items as necessary, even if they haven’t been used. Additionally, keep your gas tank at least half full during the winter to avoid a frozen gas line.

Slow Down

If you do hit bad weather, the best way to stay safe is to slow down. When weather affects road conditions and visibility, you will have less time to react to changes. Traveling at a lower speed can make up for that reduced reaction time, so it’s essential to drive only as fast as road conditions allow. Keep in mind that other drivers may not follow this rule, so be alert and watch the other cars and trucks around you. Maintain more distance between yourself and other vehicles on the road and avoid changing lanes when you cannot see well or may not have good traction.

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