July 16th, 2015 | Truck Driving

Choosing healthy, wholesome foods for daily meals can help you maintain better health and greater energy levels for everyday activities, whether you are working or relaxing off the clock. However, healthy eating can be enough of a challenge while at home—for many truckers, sticking to a healthy diet can be particularly difficult on the road. Arming yourself beforehand with the right healthy eating tips can help you make better meal and snack choices throughout your career as a trucker.

Know Your Route

Familiarizing yourself with your route ahead of time is a good first step to healthy eating on the road. Before you leave, take some time to map out your route and look up the location of restaurants and rest stops. Knowing your choices before you leave for your next trip can help you determine whether it’s best to stop at restaurants or pack your own meals to maintain a healthier diet.

Know Your Calories

Tracking how many calories you’re consuming is the key to maintaining your weight. Mobile apps such as FatSecret Calorie Counter can help you keep track of calories and other dietary information so you can track trends and make changes to your diet and habits where they’re needed to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need and cutting out those you don’t.

Know Your Habits

Do you like to have a drink available at all times, or are you constantly reaching for a snack? Knowing your personal eating and drinking habits can help you tailor your options while on the road to guide you down a healthier path. Keeping water or juice readily available and preparing healthy snacks will cut down on the amount of junk food you eat and impulse meal purchases you make during each trip.
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