As a new trucker, there are many aspects of truck driving you will learn while on the road. Time management is an important part of any job that can be doubly important to truckers. Learning how to manage your time and plan your routes wisely will make working more comfortable for you and ensure you deliver your cargo efficiently as you adapt to your new career.

Avoiding Heavy Traffic

Sitting in traffic is not only frustrating; it will also reduce the number of miles you can complete by taking time out of your workday. While you cannot always avoid every traffic jam, knowing where your route will take you and planning around rush hours can save you significant time and stress. Avoid passing through or near cities during rush hour and instead try to plan your route such that you’ll hit city roads at their least busy time of day.

Finding Ample Parking

Parking spots at rest stops and truck stops can go quickly, robbing you of time and sleep when you want to stop for the night. The key to finding parking is to park at an off time of day to beat the rush for parking spaces. In many cases, parking earlier in the day allows you to get your rest and get up earlier to leave before traffic hits, affording you multiple benefits. To make the most of this strategy, you’ll need to know where the truck stops and rest stops are along your route. Know where you’re going to stop and what time you’re likely to arrive. Avoid trying to push yourself to get to the next stop down the line, where there may be no spots available by the time you get there.

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