August 24th, 2015 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Every year, there are more than six million automobile accidents in the United States. As a trucker, you may be involved in an accident at some point throughout your trucking career. Knowing how to handle the aftermath of an accident and the proper steps to take will help you remain calm and collected to handle this stressful situation more smoothly.

Safety Comes First

If you are involved in a trucking accident, safety should be your top priority. Pull over as soon as possible; if your truck doesn’t appear safe, leave it immediately and get to a safe distance before calling for help. If there were other vehicles involved in your accident, check to ensure all passengers and drivers are safe as well. Call 911 immediately if anyone involved in your accident needs medical assistance, including yourself.

Contact the Police

All motor vehicle crashes should be overseen by the police. Police officers will assess the situation and discuss the accident with participants to file an official report. Be honest when speaking with the police after an accident, but do not feel compelled to admit guilt or place blame. Simply state the facts of the situation so they can be recorded accurately and referred to at a later time if questions arise.

Call Your Employer

Once you have spoken with the police, contact your employer for further instructions. Most trucking companies have a division of employees dedicated to handling accidents and their aftermath; these employees will help you through any additional steps needed at the accident site and get you back on the road safely as soon as possible.
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