November 23rd, 2016 | Truck Driving, Trucking Industry

Thank a Trucker for your Thanksgiving Dinner - Trucking in AmericaIf it wasn’t for the trucking industry, you probably wouldn’t have the choices you have at the supermarket. If for whatever reason, trucking stops, well, imagine you having to grow your own food in your back yard (if you have one!). We all know that food doesn’t grow in the supermarket. Truckers deliver the seed, fertilizer and supplies the farmer needs to grow their crops. Then trucks take the crop from the farm to either a processing plant or to a distributor. Then from the distributor or plant to the supermarket where it’s there for your choosing.

The United States economy depends on trucks to deliver over 10 billion tons of various commodities. In the United States, this accounts for $700.4 billion worth of goods hauled by trucks. Any disruption in the truck transportation services will cause lots of economic disruptions in all sectors of the economy.

  • The trucking industry in 2013, contributed $132 billion to the U.S. Domestic Product.1
  • Truckers covered in 2013, over 4 million miles of roads and highways.2
  • Carriers moved 9.7 billion tons of freight in 2013 – nearly 70% of all the tonnage moved by trucks.3

Here’s a nice “Thank you Drivers” video from C.R. England:

America’s economy runs on the trucking and transportation industries.

The driver shortage is a real concern to fleets of all sizes. At the moment, we project that there’s a short­age of about 35,000 qualified drivers. Current­ly, we need to hire nearly 100,000 new drivers to the industry every year. ~Tire Review

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