October 19th, 2016 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

There is a truck driver shortage that is leaving the transportation industry in dire straits, and you are in the prime position to take advantage. Continue reading to learn how to become a successful truck driver and come out on top during this driver shortage.

Earn Your CDL

Earning your Commercial Driver’s License, known as a CDL, can involve a quick program that will soon set you on the path to a successful trucking career. By attending a qualified CDL school, you can earn your CDL in as little as four weeks of dedicated classes. Once you have completed these classes, which are worth 160 hours of training, you will have the necessary Class certifications to drive trucks across the country and make a fair amount of money.

Gain a Trucking Career

Once you have earned your CDL, you can take quick advantage of the current truck driver shortage. Companies around the country are looking for qualified truck drivers who are willing to work their way into a strong trucking career. These companies want certified drivers with a strong work ethic. They want you to put in the long hours to soon find yourself at the forefront of the industry, gaining the best routes and the best hauls. This can only happen if you stick with your commitment to become a successful truck driver.

Secure a Leadership Position

Every company wants to see a dedicated worker, but commitment is an essential trait in the truck driving industry. Only by gaining the experience on the road and with your trucking company can you soon secure a leadership position. If you take advantage of the truck driver shortage, then you will soon be in the prime position to lead others and gain the best driving jobs available.

Take advantage of the truck driver shortage by earning your CDL with Phoenix Truck Driving Institute. Our classes start every other Monday, and we even offer paid training. Please call (877) 295-5372 to speak with one of our admissions experts.