April 6th, 2018 | Truck Driving Careers

Is an office job not quite right for you? For those with wanderlust and an inquisitive personality, a career in the trucking industry can offer surprising benefits. Drivers with CDLs—commercial driving licenses—are in high demand. This means you can look forward to job security and good starting wages, in addition to the following perks.

You can start your new career quickly.
Earning a college degree can take years, and even after you’ve earned a diploma, there’s little guarantee that you’ll find a job in your field. Truckers also need to go to school, but truck driving school takes a matter of weeks, rather than years. This means you can land a job in your new career quickly, and you won’t have to worry about paying off thousands in student loans in the years to come.

Trucking can be a family-friendly life.
One of the reasons why some people won’t consider a career in the trucking industry is because they worry they’ll spend too much time away from their families. But actually, trucking is more flexible than you’d think. You could take only local jobs, for example, in which case you can be home every night. Or, consider team trucking. There are plenty of spouses and unmarried couples who hit the road together. If you have a partner equally as adventurous as you, getting on the road together can be the perfect lifestyle choice.

Newer cabs are surprisingly comfortable.
Few outside the trucking industry have ever seen the inside of a cab. That’s why most aspiring CDL drivers are pleasantly surprised to see how comfortable the living quarters are. There won’t be as much space as an apartment, of course, but you’ll have a comfortable sleeping berth, mini kitchen, and mini bathroom. These days, some truckers treat themselves to custom-made cabs with all the comforts of home—including flat screen TVs and hardwood floors.

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