The best drivers know exactly what to do to prepare for certain weather conditions. Mother Nature creates some of the most dangerous road hazards that you will encounter throughout your career. Before you obtain your CDL and start operating a commercial vehicle, use this guide to learn more about how to drive safely on rainy roads.

Maintain Your Truck

Faulty windshield wipers or headlights could prevent you from seeing during a rainstorm, which significantly increases your chance of getting into an accident. Keep your truck properly maintained to ensure that all of these features are working when you need them to work. You should check on your windshield wipers, your headlights, and your taillights every few months.

Take It Slow

Driving fast in the rain puts you at risk for hydroplaning. Even if you feel in control of your vehicle, you should slow down during a rainstorm to make sure that your tires stay on the ground. Try not to stomp harshly on the brake or to turn the wheel sharply. Leave more stopping distance in between you and the vehicle in front of you than you would in normal driving conditions. Instead of braking and turning as you would in normal weather, you should brake, then turn, then put your foot back onto the accelerator.

Do Not Panic If You Skid

Rain increases the risk of skidding while you drive. If this happens to you, you should not panic. Try to keep your focus in the direction that you want to take your vehicle. Do not slam on the brakes or you might send the truck even more off balance.

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