August 12th, 2016 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

When you become a commercial truck driver, you will need to be ready to log long hours out on the road. Since long haul journeys are part of the truck driving experience, it is a good idea to educate yourself on how to remain safe and alert during extended driving trips. A truck driving school can provide you with essential information about how to stay safe behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. Read on for some essential tips on how to stay awake during long hauls.

Get Plenty of Rest

One of the best ways to make sure that you are able to stay awake during long hauls is to ensure that you get plenty of rest before your journey. Ideally, you will want to get six to eight hours of sleep before you set out on the road. If you are feeling tired before your journey, you may also want to consider taking a short cat nap before you start driving.

Eat Healthy Meals

Another important factor when it comes to driver fatigue is nutrition. When you eat healthy, balanced meals you will be able to sustain a better level of alertness over long drives. By contrast, sugary or fatty foods may cause you to crash and feel very tired.

Move Your Body

In order to stay awake during long hauls, it is also important to move your body whenever possible. As you are travelling down the road, you will want to take periodic rest breaks. After you pull over at a rest stop, it is a great idea to stretch, take a short walk, or find some other way to move.

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