March 9th, 2018 | On The Road

The spring is a beautiful time of year to be a commercial truck driver, as you’ll get to see the seasons change before your eyes. There are certain places that are best to check out during the spring in Michigan, Texas, and California, so take the chance if you get it. Here’s a look at some spring sights to see across the country.

Brockway Mountain
If your next trucking trip finds you in Michigan, you’ll want to check out Brockway Mountain. You can follow a mountain road in the northern Upper Peninsula and check out a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Superior, and on clearer days, you can see Isle Royale National Park. The spring is the best time to visit this area because the road is shut down in the winter. Here you’ll find all kinds of wildflowers, and some of them are only found here. If you show up at night, you’ll be met with an amazing view of the stars in the sky.

Texas Hill Country
There’s much more to the South than desert, and Texas Hill Country proves that without a doubt. Texas Hill Country sports yellow, blue, white, and purple shades all through the hills during the springtime. While you’re in the area you may take a Wine & Wildflower winery tour or stop in for a bite to eat at Cooper’s BBQ.

Coachella Valley
The Coachella Music Festival has a lot to offer, but the Coachella Valley itself has even more. The springtime is a great time to visit because the flowers are blooming, and the weather hasn’t become excruciatingly hot.

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