February 29th, 2016 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Distracted driving is among the most dangerous issues facing truck drivers on the road today. When you complete CDL school in Phoenix and start working as a commercial trucker, you will need to remain vigilant against the temptations of distracted driving. From checking your phone to playing with the radio, even a second of inattention can lead to disastrous consequences. To help you avoid a collision when you are driving a truck, here is a look at some distracted driving reduction methods that are being used by trucking companies.

Written Safety Policies

Reducing distracted driving behaviors can start with the inclusion of written safety policies in each new driver’s contract. With a written document that outlines safe driving methods, a company can help encourage proper driving conduct from all of its employees. A few basic ground rules can go a long way towards preventing distracted driving.

Advanced Distraction Prevention Technology

Along with providing their drivers with written safety policies, some companies are also investing in distraction prevention technology. These advanced systems are used to block texting, emailing, and other distracted behaviors when a driver is behind the wheel. With the implementation of a distracted driving prevention system, many collisions can be avoided.

Ongoing Driver Training

Driver safety training should be an ongoing process for every commercial truck driving company. Even if you have already received your CDL and spent years working as a commercial trucker, it is a great idea to take a refresher course. During your class, you will receive the latest tips and information about road safety.
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