December 15th, 2016 | Truck Driving, Truck Driving Safety

Did you think your getting away with going “10 over” the speed limit without getting stopped would go on forever? Sure, you thought you were deemed “safe” with going 75 in a 65 zone. Everyone does it, so it’s OK, right? Or do you think, “That car is going way faster than I am – I won’t get pulled over.” Not anymore. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) announced that new “Safety Corridors” will be Zero-Tolerance Zones. And some went into effect as of December 12, 2017, in the two I-10 segments.

Safety Corridor Zero Tolerance zones ADOT Video Screenshot

In Downtown Phoenix, it’s the I-10 from the I-17, through the tunnel, to the SR 51/Loop 202 stack. Then from the 202 Santan south to the 187 between Chandler and Tucson. Coming later, is the I-60 from Loop 101 in Tempe to the Loop 202 in Apache Junction.

Up in Northern Arizona, near Kingman, it’s the I-40 between the U.S. 93 interchanges.

In this ADOT video, they explain the reasons why they are enforcing these Zero-Tolerance Zones:

Arizona crash fatalities in 2016 were higher than in 2015. This is joint effort with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Department of Public Safety (DPS) and ADOT. There will be more DPS units looking for traffic law violators. Those weaving in and out of traffic, speeding and reckless driving. They are hoping enforcement in these high-accident areas will decrease with this program.

This infographic from ADOT shows the maps of the new Safety Corridors and the Zero-Tolerance Zones.

ADOT map of Arizona safety corridor zero-tolerance zones

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