Trucking with Your Dog:
March 8th, 2019 | Truck Driving

Long-haul trucking can be lonely sometimes. There are long days spent behind the wheel, away from family and friends, with just you and the road. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, if you bring your dog along with you. Dogs can be great companions for truckers, and with a little planning, your pup will love taking adventures with you. If you’re considering trucking with your dog, these tips will help.

Check with Your Trucking Company

Although most companies will allow truck drivers to take pets with them on the road, you will need to check with your employer to make sure you’re cleared to do so. In some cases, trucking companies want new drivers to wait for a set period of time before they bring pets on the road. Any time you are considering bringing a passenger into your truck, whether they have four legs or two, you will need to clear it with your trucking company.

Prepare Your Truck for Canine Travel

Set up a spot in your cab that is safe and comfortable for your dog. Consider including a dog bed and a blanket for when temperatures dip. It’s important to train your dog to stay away from the driver’s side of the truck, where they could inadvertently touch the wheel, brake, or pedals. A spill-proof water bowl is a great way to keep your dog hydrated between stops without a mess in your cab.

Wait for the Right Time

Puppies aren’t often good driving companions because they have too much energy and will struggle being confined to the truck. As your dog gets older, he or she will have a much better time on the road, because he or she will be more interested in relaxing and lounging next to you.

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