One thing’s for sure, you are responsible for the truck you are driving. Even more than on the road, at truck stops is where you have the biggest chance of sustaining damage to your truck.

Video: How to Protect Your Truck From Damage at Truck Stops

Whether you’re a company driver or an owner-operator, here is a video with tips to avoid having your truck being hit at a truck stop with some tips from a seasoned driver, Dave.

Dave’s been driving since 1976 and he’s a writer for Smart Trucking Blog.

Some of his tips for safety at truck stops:

  • Park the furthest away from the truck stop’s restaurant or store – where there’s the least amount of traffic — usually the back of the lot.
  • If at all possible, nose in to the parking spot. You want to protect the front end.
  • Whenever you can, try to find a spot that’s not too close to any other trucks.
  • If there isn’t one, try to park near a trucker who’s in for the night.
  • When you park next to someone, record the license plate number, unit number and the company name in the event that they hit you and disappear.
  • Watch for rookies practicing parking and backing up skills.
  • Leave your dashcam running while you’re eating or showering.

Though are no fool-proof ways to avoid getting hit at truck stops, being vigilant pays in the long run.

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