July 13th, 2015 | Truck Driving

A large aspect of owning a commercial fleet is maintenance. If you do not spend the time properly maintaining your vehicles, they will not drive as efficiently as they should. Keep reading to learn about some preventative maintenance to use for your commercial fleet:

Create a Checklist

The best way to keep track of the vehicles that need preventative maintenance is to create a checklist that lists the dates and mileage of the last service. This makes it easy to glance at the checklist and see when a vehicle needs to go in to get serviced so you can keep your whole fleet running smoothly.

Cover All the Bases

When you are trying to maintain your vehicles, it is important to regularly change the oil and the filters. You should also check the transmission fluid, the fuel system, and the cooling system. Make sure the engine and transmission mounts are working properly. You should also examine the drive shafts, the CV joints, the belts, and the hoses. Go over the electrical system components, the brakes, the steering, and the suspension. Check the tires, the wheels, and the rims. Walk around the vehicle and look at the body, the mirrors, and the windshield wipers.

Have Your Drivers Check the Vehicles

The truck drivers can be your eyes for the daily checks of the fleet. They should walk around and check the tires, the wipers, the horn, the brakes, and the steering before they start driving for the day. If there is an issue with a vehicle before the regularly scheduled maintenance, they can tell you about it.

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