January 6th, 2015 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

The point of attending truck-driving school is to get your CDL so you can start working as truck driver. If you are getting ready to take your CDL exam, keep reading to learn about some of the job opportunities that are ready for you once you get your license:

Pulling a Dry Van

Most new truck drivers tend to start out driving a truck that pulls a dry van. With 53-foot trailers designed to transport dry or non-perishable goods, these trucks are often lighter and easier to control than bigger trailers. Although these jobs do not usually pay as well as other jobs, they do give you important driving experience that can help your career.

Pulling Refrigerated Freight

Refrigerated loads are more difficult to haul because the driver is responsible for keeping the trailer at a certain temperature. Trucks hauling refrigerated freight will often have air conditioning units at the font of the vehicle to ensure that the goods inside stay at the proper temperature.

Hauling Flat Bed Loads

Flat bed trucks usually haul larger cargo like airplanes and scaffolding. These kinds of trucks are responsible for hauling any freight that cannot fit inside of an enclosed trailer. Drivers need to work harder to make sure the freight is tightly secured on a flat bed truck so they can handle the load safely.

Hauling Vehicles

Some trucks are designed to transport cars and other types of vehicles. If you haul autos, you have to make sure each vehicle is loaded carefully so you can handle the truck as safely as possible.

No matter what kind of truck you want to drive, Phoenix Truck Driving Institute can help you learn everything you need to know to do it safely. Our classes are dedicated to teaching you all about the industry so you can begin a long and successful career in the field. To learn more about our program and what it can do for your future, visit us online or call (877) 205-5372.