Life on the road is full of challenges as well as excitement. As you begin your career as a new truck driver, learning how to pack for the road will ensure you neither under- nor overpack. Knowing the essentials you’ll need—and the items you can do without—will keep your cab a spacious and comfortable place to work.

Avoid Overpacking

One of the best pieces of advice new truckers can follow is to avoid overpacking. Your truck’s cab may seem spacious, but keep in mind that your luggage will travel the entire trip in your personal space. Too much luggage can reduce the amount of space you have to sit, stretch, and sleep. Especially if you are part of a trucking team, it’s important to remember that both truck drivers will each have a set of luggage, further reducing available space in the cab.

Think Travel-Sized

Travel-sized items can vastly reduce the amount of space your luggage occupies. It is easier to carry small, travel-sized toiletries than larger bottles. Inflatable pillows or weights and lightweight blankets also take up less room than their bulkier counterparts. When packing jackets and other clothing, items that are designed to be rolled and compacted can save you even more room so you can stretch out and enjoy your cab.

Antibacterial Wipes or Spray

It’s important to take steps to protect your health when using the facilities at truck stops. Although these facilities are cleaned regularly, it’s best to carry your own disinfecting spray or wipes. Viruses and fungi can be easily transferred from one trucker to another through handles, toilet seats, and shower floors. Disinfecting these areas before you use them will ensure that any detrimental microorganisms have been eliminated.

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