CDL Training
June 9th, 2017 | Truck Driving Careers

If you have been considering a truck driving career, but you are concerned about spending extended amounts of time away from home, it may be time to think about regional truck driving. Your truck driving school can set you up with a regional truck driving job, which will allow you to come home to your family at the end of every shift. Let’s explore some of the terrific regional truck driving opportunities that await you when you graduate from trucking school.

Local Deliveries

One of the most popular types of regional truck driving jobs is local delivery driving. As a local delivery driver, you will transport freight and other goods from a local dispatch center to businesses or warehouses throughout the nearby community. A great benefit of becoming a local delivery driver is that you will typically work with the same customers and business owners each week.

Specialty Driving

Regional truck driving jobs also offer the opportunity to transport specialty goods. Some examples of specialty goods that will need to be delivered across your region include new cars, produce, or construction materials. When you choose to become a specialty driver, you may need to attend truck driving school so that you can obtain additional CDL qualifications.

Passenger Transport

Certain types of passenger transport jobs also require CDLs. When you pick up passengers from the airport, drive a school bus, or operate a city bus, you will typically need to have an up to date CDL that includes a special passenger provision. As a passenger truck driver, you will have the chance to interact with many different people throughout your workday.

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