May 31st, 2016 | Truck Driving

If you are considering becoming a commercial truck driver, you will start your journey by obtaining your CDL. A commercial drivers license is required for all truck drivers in the United States. By attending a CDL school in Phoenix, you can rest assured that you have the experience that you need to pass your CDL exam and get a great paying truck driving job. Recently, the FMCSA has announced that they may be instituting new driver training rules for all incoming truck drivers. Read on for an overview of some of the newest driver training rules.

Theoretical Training Component

One of the main parts of the newest driver training rules will be a theoretical training component. In the theoretical training component, new truck drivers will learn important facts and information about operating a commercial vehicle. In addition, drivers will also be instructed on how to perform vehicle inspections and other essential procedures.

Behind the Wheel Training Component

Along with implementing new theoretical training requirements, the FMCSA has also proposed a new behind the wheel training component for truck drivers. In order to be eligible for the CDL exam, truck drivers must complete 30 hours of behind the wheel training. This behind the wheel experience is an important means of becoming confident behind the wheel.

Creating a Common Core Curriculum

In order to make sure that these new training standards are met, the FMCSA has proposed a common core curriculum. This core curriculum will cover all of the new training components, and will ensure that all drivers meet a minimum standard of training before they can take the CDL exam.

If you have decided that a truck driving job is right for you, be sure to contact the Phoenix Truck Driving Institute. We serve the Phoenix area with top quality CDL training, and we can help you pass your exam. Call us at (877) 295-5372 to learn about our current course offerings.