December 28th, 2016 | Trucking Industry

This is the time for predictions and forecasts on trends for 2017 and the trucking industry has their fair share. Mostly with new technology.

New Impressive Tech to watch in the Trucking Industry in 2017

What’s Coming for Truckers in 2017? Check out these trends as found in FleetOwner ….

  • Additional computerization covering: collision prevention, diagnostics, “telematics” (enabling/disabling certain driver behaviors), real-time reporting to fleet managers
  • Increased investments in alternative fuels including: natural gas and electric trucks
  • New regulations on the unloaded vehicle weight (UVW)

“With new regulations on UVW [short for ‘unloaded vehicle weight’ or how much the truck weighs after adding all upfit components] coming into play in the coming years and active enforcement proposed, the industry must adapt and right-size the unfitting to the chassis for the lightweight segment of the market which is by far the largest. I see lighter offerings in the market as well as aerodynamics steadily increasing as regulations tighten in the future.” ~Spero Skarlatos, manager of truck excellence at Element Fleet Management Corp.

  • New designs in aerodynamics and reducing the frontal area and its effects on drag furthermore saving gas
  • Decreasing the weight of the chassis using lighter materials like aluminum and composites reducing the amount of steel
  • Ergonomically designing vehicle upfitting:

“By planning daily activity and safety into an upfit, we can reduce injury and wear and tear on the driver/ service person; therefore, decreasing cost to the company and increasing productivity and quality of life for the employee.” ~Spero Skarlatos, manager of truck excellence at Element Fleet Management Corp.

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