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November 24th, 2017 | Truck Driving Careers

If you are considering a change in careers and earning your commercial driver’s license, then you need to enter an exceptional truck driving school. Before you can learn all that comes with commercial truck driving, you need to fulfill certain requirements—such as having a high school diploma—to gain admission into a trucking school. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to start school.

High School Diploma
Almost any type of continuing education program requires a high school diploma or equivalent certification, such as passing a GED test. This documentation is necessary to show that you have a basic understanding of math, reading, and writing, because you will need these skills to pass trucking school and earn your CDL.

Active Driver’s License
In Arizona, you must have an active driver’s license, with proven experience, to qualify for truck driving school. You must demonstrate an ability to safely handle common vehicles before you can learn how to drive larger, and more complicated, tractor-trailers. Receiving a regular driver’s license also shows that you understand the laws of the road, which is very important to understanding the extra regulations that often apply to commercial driving.

Drug Test
You must be able to pass a drug test and random tests taken throughout your active trucking career. This is very important to your education and continuing career, because drugs can endanger yourself and others around you whether you are driving or not. You may also be subject to higher standards against alcohol use, so it is best to live a clean lifestyle.

English Understanding
It is very important to your career that you understand how to read and speak English. You must be able to understand and converse with your employers, colleagues, clients, and the public. You must also be able to understand traffic signs and fill out official paperwork that will likely be in English.

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