October 21st, 2014 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Some of the latest advancements in technology have found a place inside truckers’ cabs. From Bluetooth headsets to onboard computers, these gadgets make trucking safer, more efficient, and even more fun. Keep reading to discover a few of the latest must-have gadgets for today’s tech-savvy truck driver.

Garmin Fleet Management

The Garmin company is already well known for its portable personal GPS units. Now, trucking companies can take this concept one step further with the Garmin fleet 590, a mobile GPS unit that also offers location and event tracking, dispatching, two-way texting, and engine status detection. This smartphone-sized unit is a veritable black box, allowing truck drivers and dispatchers to track truck activity and status over the long term. Not only does the Garmin fleet 590 reduce time spent lost in unfamiliar locations, it also makes trucking more efficient by tracking assets and issuing alerts to save money and time.

Escort MobileTV

Truck drivers spend a considerable amount of time relaxing in their cab at the end of the day. Escort MobileTV allows you to watch television programs on any Apple device, such as an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, using a free app and the MobileTV receiver—no data plan or Wi-Fi network is required. Your first year’s subscription is free, after which you can customize your experience based on your watching habits. This gadget allows you to keep up with current shows, news, and other entertainment, even while on the road.

Bluetooth-Enabled CB Radios

CB radios have long been a staple of truck-to-truck communication. Today, the Cobra 29 LX BT CB radio comes complete with Bluetooth capabilities, caller ID, text-to-speech, and 24-hour emergency weather alerts. This amazing hands-free device can make staying in touch easier than ever before, especially for long-distance truck drivers.

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