December 28th, 2015 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Your health can play a significant role in your ability to drive a truck and perform other tasks required as part of a job in the trucking industry. Because of these reasons, good health is an important factor when obtaining and renewing your commercial driver license. In the state of Arizona, all truckers must maintain a valid and up-to-date medical certificate to continue operating trucks with a valid CDL.

The Medical Exam

To either obtain your CDL or renew it, you must submit to a physical performed by a physician listed in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. This medical screening assesses your general health by examining your health history, your vision, your hearing, your circulatory health, and any other current health concerns that may affect your ability to safely operate a truck. Once the exam has been completed, your medical examiner will fill out a long-form DOT Medical Examination Report, as well as a shorter Medical Examiner Certificate. These documents certify you to operate a commercial vehicle under the current Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

The Medical Certificate

Once you have received your health certification, you may apply to receive or renew your CDL. These medical certificates must be renewed every 24 months, unless your medical examiner has specified an earlier renewal date based on any specific health concerns. As a truck driver, it is up to you to find a qualified medical examiner and ensure your medical certification is kept up to date. You will receive notification that your certificates are expiring 45 days prior to this date. Most trucking companies keep driver medical certification forms on file; after you have received your certification renewal, you will need to provide your employer with this updated information.

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