December 31st, 2015 | Truck Driving

Despite fluctuations in the nation’s economy and the resulting uncertainty in the job market, there is one industry that has remained strong: the trucking industry. Because trucking fills a unique and important niche, there is always a need for experienced CDL drivers, no matter the economic climate. As the United States’ economy continues to recover, the trucking industry has responded with an ever-increasing demand for qualified and ready drivers.

No Four-Year Degree Required

One of the major draws of the trucking industry is the fact that no four-year degree is required to become a trucker. Truck drivers simply need to complete a CDL course and earn their commercial driver’s license to begin working. This option makes trucking an appealing employment opportunity for individuals from all walks of life, from recent high school graduates to those looking for a career change later in life.

Flexible Scheduling and Opportunities

The trucking industry offers drivers a uniquely flexible schedule. As a trucker, you can choose to work during business hours as a delivery driver, or on a more flexible schedule as a long-haul trucker. You’ll also have many unique opportunities to increase your skill set, such as learning how to transport hazardous materials or refrigerated cargo.

Job Stability and Benefits

Today’s trucking industry offers drivers two excellent rewards: job stability and benefits. Because truckers remain in high demand regardless of the economic climate, you’ll enjoy job stability and security that cannot be found in other fields of work. Similarly, the desirability of CDL drivers means today’s truckers can receive excellent short- and long-term benefits through their employers.

If you’d like to take advantage of the job market offered by today’s trucking industry, Phoenix Truck Driving Institute can help. Our nationally-recognized CDL school offers Class A and B training and testing, as well as refresher courses, road testing, and lifetime job placement assistance. You can check out our programs and enrollment schedule on the web, or contact us at (877) 205-5372 for personalized assistance to get started earning your CDL.