The trucking industry has long played an important part in the transportation and shipping industry. A look at the latest trends confirms that trucking remains one of the dominant methods of both short- and long-distance freight transportation. As the United States’ economy continues to grow, projections have revealed that trucking will continue to grow with it, offering new jobs and opportunities to CDL drivers.

Industry Growth

Trucking provides transportation of goods and materials to destinations both near and far. Thus, the trucking industry is a good indicator of the overall economic health of the country. As the economy has recovered after the recent recession, trucking has led the way to increased production and sales of consumer goods. Increasing demand for both raw materials and the goods they create has hinged upon the fast and efficient transportation of freight. Although rising fuel prices may impact industry growth somewhat, trucking remains a more convenient and more flexible means of freight transportation than rail. In the year 2013, the trucking industry was responsible for moving nearly 70% of all domestic freight—an increase over the previous year.

Job Growth

As the trucking industry grows, so too do its job prospects. Recent trends have underscored the necessity for CDL drivers in the trucking industry. The most recent employment reports record over one thousand new jobs in the trucking industry per month over the past two months. As of June 2014, the trucking industry’s total payroll topped 1.4 million individuals. Over the long term, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that between 2012 and 2022, the trucking industry will experience a favorable employment growth of 11%.

In today’s trucking industry, there is a shortage of available drivers to meet shipping needs. New drivers are extremely desirable, with many job prospect appearing as soon as CDL training is completed. If you are ready to get started preparing for the CDL exam, contact Phoenix Truck Driving Institute by calling (877) 205-5372. You can also find out more about our admissions policies and financial aid options, including military benefits, on the web.