34 Hour Restart

When you attend truck driving school in Phoenix, you will receive all of the skills and information that you need to become a smart and safe truck driver. One of the most contested regulations in the truck driving industry is the 34 hour restart. While this law was initially implemented to help truck drivers remain well rested, the usefulness of this regulation is now under question. Here is a look at what the future may hold for the 34 hour restart.

The Beginning of the 34 Hour Restart

The 34 hour restart can trace its history back to 2011, when the law was first implemented. The FMCSA designed this law to make sure that truck drivers were well rested before they took off on their deliveries. With the 34 hour restart, lawmakers were able to assess the performance and safety of truck drivers.

Elements of the 34 Hour Restart

When you are learning about the 34 hour restart, it is helpful to understand the elements of this set of regulations. For example, the 34 hour restart mandates that truck drivers are able to take a rest break during every 8 hour driving period. In addition, this set of regulations also prevents drivers from driving more than 70 hours over a 7 day period.

Evaluating the 34 Hour Restart

While the 34 hour restart was initially designed to provide drivers with safety on the road, some lawmakers are uncertain as to whether this set of regulations is actually helping drivers. For this reason, the FMCSA has started a new evaluation of the effectiveness of the restart rules.

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