There are many options for a driver intent on creating a truck driving career. Whether he or she chooses to be a flatbed hauler, a tanker, or drive with a significant other as a team driver, the trucking careers are lucrative and available to anyone with a first-class CDL education.

Flatbed Haulers

Flatbed haulers are the ones driving anything that cannot fit in a trailer. These truck drivers are used to hauling wide loads that must be packed more cautiously than typical freight.


Tank truck drivers should be cleared to drive various liquids, such as gasoline, milk, chemicals, and explosives. To be certified to drive these possibly dangerous liquids, a Class A certification is needed with a hazmat and tanker endorsement. Any available endorsements will be taught in a Phoenix truck driving school.

Dry Van Haulers

One of the most common trucking careers is pulling a dry van. The driver will haul anything that is non-perishable and can fit in a large trucking trailer.

Class B Drivers

In addition to the Class A certification, there is a Class B option. With a Class B certification, drivers can take on more local jobs. Class B drivers can drive buses, tow trucks, and any other large vehicle that does not require a Class A certification.

Team Drivers

Team driving can be a lucrative career option for friends, couples, or two drivers who happen to get along well. Team drivers can take on longer jobs that will equal more money. As long as the drivers have compatible personalities, have confidence in each other’s driving ability, and can handle sleeping and driving at any given time, team driving can be a great career option.

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