August 17th, 2015 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Many truckers enjoy the mystery of the open road and the new challenges they face each day throughout their career. Whether you want to become a short- or long-distance trucker, being prepared is the best way to enjoy a healthy and stress-free lifestyle on the road. Keeping a few key items in your truck at all times will ensure you have the right tools at hand for both safety and comfort in any situation.

Neck Pillow

Although neck pillows are typically associated with airline travel, they also work well if you’re looking to catch a quick nap in the cab of your truck. Drowsy driving is a serious safety risk that can be easily mitigated by taking just a short nap before continuing on. Keeping a neck pillow handy makes it easy and convenient to get the rest you need to feel refreshed and alert before pulling back out on the road.


No emergency kit is complete without a flashlight. Opt for a flashlight that is easy to manage but bright enough to provide sufficient illumination, even in total darkness. Box-shaped flashlights or lights with clips can provide the light you need without requiring you to hold them for stability. If you don’t use your flashlight frequently, store the batteries in a sealed plastic bag alongside your flashlight to prevent them from leaking or losing their charge.

Cell Phone Charger

If you carry a cell phone or other mobile device, keep a spare charger in your truck to ensure you never run out of power when you need it most. A rechargeable backup battery can provide additional power, especially if your truck isn’t able to charge your device in an emergency.
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