September 24th, 2015 | Truck Driving

When you enroll in a truck driving school in Phoenix, your instructors will provide you with all of the training and education you need to obtain your CDL. During your CDL training in Phoenix, you will also how to make sure you are able to perform your truck driving duties in a safe and efficient manner. One of the most important steps of every truck driving job is the pre-trip truck inspection. Here is a quick look at the steps of a pre-trip inspection.

Look at the Gauges

Your commercial truck will be equipped with a variety of instruments and gauges that are designed to alert you in the event that your vehicle is experiencing a mechanical issue. When you are inspecting your truck before you hit the road, you should be sure to take a careful look at every gauge on your dashboard.

Use Your Senses

Along with taking a look at your truck’s gauges, you can also ensure that your vehicle is safe for the trip by using your senses to check for signs of a mechanical problem. For example, if you smell a very strong burning odor from your truck’s engine, this may be a sign of transmission troubles. Essentially, you just want to keep an eye out for any sort of problem.

Focus on Key Areas

There are certain parts of your truck that must be working properly in order for you to drive safely. When you are inspecting your truck, you should be sure to evaluate your wheels, tires, brakes, and trailer coupling device. If these systems are in good working shape, you should be able to drive your truck with confidence.


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