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November 9th, 2018 | Truck Driving

The electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is one of the latest changes in the world of trucking regulations. This mandate is now in effect, which means all truckers must keep an ELD in their cabs to track their driving time. While news of the ELD mandate has been met with a mixed reception, truckers have been warming up to the idea now that they’ve had a chance to experience the benefits of ELDs.

ELDs cut down on the paperwork.

One reason why ELDs make life easier for truckers is the time savings. Before ELDs became standard, drivers estimated they spend well over 20 hours each year filling out hours of service paperwork. They’d then need to send those paper driver logs to their carriers. But with an ELD, this information is recorded automatically and submitted electronically.

ELDs add to the potential drive time each week.

Those old paper logbooks required drivers to round up to the nearest 15 minutes each time they stopped. This was to ensure that drivers didn’t go over their hours of service limits. But the new ELDs automatically round up to the nearest minute at each stop, which means drivers won’t reach their limit as quickly. Depending on how often the trucker stops, this could give him or her another five to 10 hours of driving time each week—and that’s more money in the trucker’s pocket.

ELDs reduce the time needed for inspections.

Inspections can be a hassle. ELDs can expedite them and get drivers back on the road more quickly. There’s no need for inspectors to examine handwritten hours of service logs, since they can just take a quick look at the electronic data.

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