June 22nd, 2015 | Truck Driving

When you go to truck-driving school to earn your CDL, you are joining an industry full of history that has made a huge impact on the American economy. Truckers and the trucking industry have made major contributions to practically every industry in America. Keep reading to learn more about this history and how it has shaped the nation:

The Birth of the American Trucking Associations

In 1933, the American Highway Freight Association and the Federation Trucking Associations of America were two separate organizations that oversaw the trucking industry. They met in Chicago to talk about industry issues like safety and how to better comply with the Code of Fair Competition. By the end of the meeting, they decided to merge into one group called the American Trucking Associations (ATA).

The Executive Committee

At the end of 1975, the ATA created a task force that was designed specifically to look into renewed calls from lawmakers to deregulate the industry. This task force was able to find proof that changing the hours-of-service rules would not make an impact on the amount of truck crashes. In 1980, though, the Motor Carrier Act passed and officially deregulated the trucking industry.

The Constant Strive Toward More Effective Trucking

The ATA continues to study the industry to try to find ways to make it more efficient and safer for all drivers on the road. In 2009, their Safety Task Force created a detailed plan to decrease the amount of crashes. In this report, they made a list of recommendations about driver performance, technology, and operator standards.

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